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The D’s Art Takes Blog is an extension of Art From Us. Giving you insights, opinions and critique by Dancer, Writer, Art Historian, Curator, Artist and Poet Divvya Nirula. She is constantly engaging with the material and creative worlds, sharing her experiences here, with all of you.

By virtue of being born a human we have achieved a great creative jump, I feel. How? You may ask – the answer is quite simple really – by first having self-agency and second by being self-aware we are in a unique position on the evolutionary scale amongst other living beings. I can’t speak about the Universe, but definitely on Planet Earth we have come to inhabit a unique mechanism – in body and psyche –  by which we experience, evaluate and conclude.

This D’s Art Takes Art Blog for me is an extension of our collective human experience, and I am but one small receptor and transmitter of my-very-specific-brand of experiences. I share because I wish to be part of a global narrative that is inclusive and celebratory of all life – through the lens of all artistic practices and expressions. As I come across them, I share my reactions, interactions, opinions and actions with you.

From time to time you will see other’s inhabit this space with me, sharing with you, taking this art conversation forward. #ArtInspirationLife


Welcome to Epitaph for D’s Art Takes. Here we present the creative legacies of influential people, who are no longer among us. Today we invite you to take a look at the life of the Indian dance master, Pandit Birju Maharaj. Classical dance has a grip on the viewer as it is a way of interpreting what one hears, or […]

Quote of the Day : Gaudete & Serious Celebration

Rejoice, rejoice, Christ was bornFrom the Virgin Mary, rejoice.Rejoice, rejoice, Christ was bornFrom the Virgin Mary, rejoice.Time to get back to what we wantedLet us devoutly return the songs of joy.Rejoice, rejoice, Christ was bornFrom the Virgin Mary, rejoice.Rejoice, rejoice, Christ was bornFrom the Virgin Mary, rejoice. Gaudete Origins of the Quote Gaudete is a sacred Christmas carol and thought […]

Quote of the Day : Carol of the Bells

“One seems to hear Words of good cheer Words of good cheer From everywhere (From everywhere) Filling the air Oh, how they pound (Oh, how they pound) Raising their sound O’er hill and dale Telling their tale” The Carol of the Bells Origins of the Quote Although “Carol of the Bells” has become a popular tune during the holidays, the […]

Quote of the Day: We Three Kings the Popular Carol

We Three Kings of Orient are, Bearing gifts we traverse afar, Field and fountain, Moor and mountain, Following yonder Star. Star of Wonder, Star of Night, Star with Royal Beauty bright, Westward leading, Still proceeding, Guide us to Thy perfect Light. We Three Kings of Orient Are Origins of the Quote “We Three Kings”, original title “Three Kings of Orient”, […]

Quote of the Day: Away in A Manger & the Nativity

Away in a manger No crib for a bed The little Lord Jesus Laid down His sweet head The stars in the bright sky Looked down where He lay The little Lord Jesus Asleep on the hay Away in a Manger Origins of the Quote “Away in a Manger” is a Christmas carol first published in the late nineteenth century […]

Quote of the Day: Joy to the World

Joy to the world!Joy to the world! Oh, woah Joy to the world, the Lord is comeLet earth receive her KingLet every heart prepare Him roomAnd heaven and nature singAnd heaven and nature singAnd heaven, and heaven and nature sing Joy to the world!Joy to the world! Joy to the World Origins of the Quote The words of the hymn […]