D’s Poetry : Haiku 54 : Dakotsu Iida

D’s Poetry is a living archive of all poetry penned by me, Divvya Nirula. Join me on this journey today as we discuss the life and work of Dakotsu Iida.

Plugged into ether,
Where are the neural creatures?
Rebooting A.I.

Divvya Nirula

Dakotsu Iida was born in 1885 in Fuefuki, Yamanashi, Japan. His real name was Takeji Iida. He was a famous Japanese Haiku poet, Iida was tutored by Kyoshi Takahama . He was the editor of popular haiku journal Unmo. His works also featured in Hototogisu.

His son Ryuta Iida, was also a well known Haikuist. Ryuta was born in 1920. He was Dakotsu’s fourth son. And he took after his father, in that he developed a love for reading and writing poetry from a young age. He was greatly influenced by the works of Matsuo Basho, and also modern haiku masters.

Ryuta graduated from university in 1947. In 1951, he gained employment in a library in Kofu city. Three years after that he published his first volume of haiku. He lost some of his siblings at a young age, and his father died in 1962, leaving him to take over for his family. He also took over as editor of Unmo, after his father’s passing.

Ryuta lived a long life and saw a successful career as a poet, much like his father Dakotsu Iida. Ryuta died in 2007.

Terminally ill –
and her nails beautiful
by the wooden heater

Sanro (Dokotsu Iida, 1885-1962), from haiku mind

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