D’s Poetry : Haiku 74 : Jane Reichhold

D’s Poetry is a living archive of all poetry penned by me, Divvya Nirula. Join me on this journey today as we discuss the life and work of Jane Reichhold.

l’étreinte d’un amant
je danse en jardin des fleurs

Divvya Nirula

Jane Reichhold was born in 1937, in Ohio, United States. Her father, John Howard, was a banker, and her mother was Erma Marie.

Reichhold is known for spreading her love and passion for poetry – especially haiku. She first began writing haiku in the 60s. In addition to writing original poetry, she has also translated works by Matsuo Basho. Her book A Dictionary of Haiku is a helpful guide for haijins across the globe. Reichhold also wrote renga and tanka.

The poetess was closely associated with the Ukiah Haiku Festival. In fact, they even names their prize for the international section after her. In 2016, the fest published a booklet where each of its judges, committee members and associates were introduced through a haiku. The following masterpiece was used to describe Jane’s personality.

in a humdrum life
the orchid

Jane Reichhold, 14th ukiaHaiku festival, 2016

Reichhold was also an active member at the Gualala Arts Centre, where she would hold haiku walks for visitors. Jane not only loved poetry – she wanted everyone to love it as much as her. In the spirit of free sharing, she never copyrighted any of her works. And encouraged young poets to embrace the verse in their own unique ways. Even if that meant breaking away from traditional structures.

Haiku Poetry by Jane Reichhold

floating away
a twig dropped
from the bridge

A Dictionary of Haiku; Second Edition 2013, Jane Reichhold, AHA Books

cupping her face
both of his hands
her perfume

A Dictionary of Haiku; Second Edition 2013, Jane Reichhold, AHA Books 

among fallen petals
a tissue with lipstick traces
another story

A Dictionary of Haiku; Second Edition 2013, Jane Reichhold, AHA Books

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