D’s Poetry : Haiku 79 : Haiku Society of America

D’s Poetry is a living archive of all poetry penned by me, Divvya Nirula. Join me on this journey today as we discuss the history and importance of the Haiku Society of America.

बैठा दलाल है
ज़िन्दगी का मोड़ आया
फसा शैतान, हा!

Divvya Nirula

The Haiku Society of America was founded in 1968 by Harold Gould Henderson and Leroy Kanterman. By this time in the 20th century, the West had fallen in love with haiku. Western poets were trying their hand at this playful Japanese verse. Breaking away from its traditional structures, and making it their own.

The HSA was founded as a not-for-profit organisation with the goal of promoting the writing and appreciation of Haiku in English. They officially state their mission as :
“Promoting the creation and appreciation of haiku and related forms, (haibun, haiga, renku, senryu, sequences, and tanka) among its members and the public.  Fostering association, friendship, communication, and mutual support among haiku poets in the United States and around the world.”

Its office is located in Nassau, New York. It is a proudly inclusive community that allows for seasoned writers, students and haiku enthusiasts alike to become members. The strength of its members has grown over the years and today it boasts of over 1000 members.

The Haiku Society of America also runs a newspaper, an active website, and a beloved journal Frogpond, that was launched in 1978. The Society functions based on the donation and goodwill of its supporters and members, in addition to revenue from subscriptions.

You are invited along on this journey of discovery and writing. For more poetry and verse by Divvya Nirula, please visit the archive for D’s Poetry.