D’s Poetry : Haiku 81 : The British Haiku Society

D’s Poetry is a living archive of all poetry penned by me, Divvya Nirula. Join me on this journey today as we discuss the history of the British Haiku Society.

The bird is flying
Alert! the bombs are dropping
Now let’s eat the fowl

Divvya Nirula

Haiku spread to the West during the 19th and 20th centuries. And since then, many Western poets have adopted it. Now, haiku are written not only in Japanese, but also in English and other regional languages throughout the world.

The British Haiku Society boasts of over 380 members. Members are not only limited to the UK, but are spread across the world. They are from Australia, Belgium, India, Russia, Switzerland, France, Germany and even Japan.

The Society published a journal, Blithe Spirit, and a newsletter, the Brief. They also hold a range of events, workshops and conferences, as well as informal discussion groups. All these provide a space for like-minded people to come together and discuss their common interest – haiku.

In addition to these in-house events, the Society also has a program in collaboration with schools – to teach haiku to children and young adults, through their school and college curriculums. Free information about ‘Teaching Haiku’ can be accessed through the Society’s web page.

The Society also organizes the British Haiku Society Awards for haibun, tanka and haiku.

Currently, the acting BHS president is David Bingham. Frank Williams is the Memebership Secretary. Caroline Skanne is in charge of editing the journal, while David Bingham looks after the editing for the Brief.

You are invited along on this journey of discovery and writing. For more poetry and verse by Divvya Nirula, please visit the archive for D’s Poetry.