D’s Poetry : Haiku 82 : Blithe Spirit

D’s Poetry is a living archive of all poetry penned by me, Divvya Nirula. Join me on this journey today as we discuss the BHS’s quarterly journal, Blithe Spirit.

Meditation – Huh?
The gong of the temple calls
Assemble Sinners

Divvya Nirula

Blithe Spirit is the haiku journal founded by the British Haiku Society (BHS) around 1992. It is a quarterly serial publication released annually in February, May, August and November. The months of publication have been cleverly chosen in conjunction with the change of season, so as to inspire poets with their kigo, or season word, for their haiku. The publication gets its name from the premier British haiku poet R H Blyth. This name was suggested by James Kirkup, the BHS’s first president.

Blithe Spirit publishes a range of haiku poetry, critique, book reviews and essays. However, to submit entries to the journal, one must first become a member of the British Haiku Society. The general guidelines for writing haiku are as follows :

“A haiku should derive from spontaneous, concrete, personal experience in a certain moment of heightened awareness; when putting such an experience into words regards should be had for a certain mellifluity – a haiku should flow easily – a careful choice of words should aim for what Martin Lucas called ‘poetic spell’.”

There are several rules and guidelines one must follow to be published in Blithe Spirit. Use of simple language, expressing sentiments clearly, sophisticated writing etc. The list goes on. Ultimately however, those haiku are chosen for publication that convey strong emotions and transport the reader, offering a glimpse in to the mind of the poet.

You are invited along on this journey of discovery and writing. For more poetry and verse by Divvya Nirula, please visit the archive for D’s Poetry.