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Welcome to Epitaph for D’s Art Takes. Here we present the creative legacies of influential people, who are no longer amongst us. Today we invite you to take a look at the life of the American actor, George Reeves.

George Reeves was born George Keefer Brewer in 1914 in Iowa, USA. Reeves’ interest in the performing arts was sparked in college. He attended the Pasadena Junior college where he fell in love with music and theatre. Just out of college, he became part of Pasadena Community Playhouse. He he got endless opportunities to hone his skill and showcase his talent in acting.

George Reeves : Significant Roles & Recognition

Reeves’ shoot to fame came in 1939 with release of the classic film Gone with the Wind. Produced by David O. Selznick, the film starred Clark Gable and Vivienne Leigh. Reeves played the role of Stuart Tarleton. The success of the movie was unprecedented. This brought Reeves much recognition for his part. It was at this time that he left his birth name and adopted the name Reeves. Following the success of Gone with the Wind, Reeves was offered a contract with Warner Bros.

After doing a series of films, Reeves joined the American army. From there, he went on to theatre. Unfortunately, the plethora of opportunities had dried out when Reeves returned to Hollywood. Determined nonetheless, the actor turned to the small screen instead. In 1951 he was signed on for the TV series The Adventures of Superman. The series was a super hit and went on for 5 seasons. In the following years, Reeves tried to return to films but unsuccessfully.

Reeves die din 1959.

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