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Welcome to Epitaph for D’s Art Takes. Here we present the creative legacies of influential people, who are no longer among us. Today we invite you to take a look at the life of the British painter, Samuel Palmer.

Samuel Palmer was born in 1805, in Surrey, England. Palmer’s painting talent was apparent from a young age. And was encouraged by his family, especially his father. In 1819, the young artist’s works were exhibited at the prestigious Royal Academy in London.

British Landscape Painter : Samuel Palmer

Artists were known to spend their entire lives waiting for an opportunity to exhibit at the Royal Academy. But Palmer had the chance when he was only a young teenager. He specialised in landscape painting. And honed this skill in the following years. However, it is believed that his signature style as an artist was already perfected by this time.

By the early 1820s, the celebrated painter William Blake had undertaken Palmer as a mentee. He recognised the young artist’s talent and nurtured it. Blake’s influences are notable in many of Palmer’s works.

In the late 1820s, Palmer moved to Kent. Here he found much inspiration in the visions and sights around him. This was one of the most prolific periods of his career. Following immediately by a noticeable decrease in artistic output.

Today, Samuel Palmer is considered an key figure in Romanticism and British Landscape painting. He died in 1181.

“When less than four years old I was standing with my nurse, Mary Ward, watching the shadows on the wall from branches of an elm behind which the moon had risen. I have never forgot those shadows and am often trying to paint them.”

The Life and Letters of Samuel Palmer, Painter and Etcher (AH Palmer, London, 1892)

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