Exhibition I Saw : 8 Public Sculptures on Street View

For EXHIBITION I SAW, D’s Art Takes and Divvya Nirula bring you Top-Hit’s of Gallery and Museum Exhibits we’ve visited. Today we look at the 8 Public Sculptures on Street View.

Street View technology was developed by Google. It enables people to explore spaces remotely. Using panoramic stills taken by Google and its users, Street View converts the real world into a virtual one. Taking this technology a step further is Google Arts & Culture. The program uses street view to present virtual tours and exhibitions in various indoor and outdoor locations across the world.

Public Art & Egalitarianism

Public art characteristically means art that is accessible to the public at large. It is funded by the public, meant for the public to enjoy and is situated in public spaces, such as parks or streets. As most art-world activities are aimed at curating collections for this collector and that museum, public art is a breath of fresh air. It breaks through all the elitist boundaries surrounding art. It is not validated by critics and scholars. It simply exists for the general population – for all to enjoy equally.

8 Public Art Sculptures

Street view presents a digital exhibition on 8 iconic works of public sculpture from around the globe. The virtual show features works by Claes Oldenburg, Anish Kapoor, Alexander Caulder, Anthony Gormley and more. In addition to photographs and write-ups about each work, this unique platform allows you to walk around the sculpture. Almost as if you’re there in person.

Discover Eila Hiltunen’s Sibelius Monument which features 30 tons of steel seemingly suspended in air – light as a feather. Walk past the Colorado Convention Center in Denver and run in to Lawrence Argent’s massive bear that’s peering into their office. Or get yourself dizzy just by looking at Anish Kapoor’s topsy-turvy ArcelorMittal Orbit.

Google’s fabulous technology, allows us to view these outdoor sculptures from our homes! So while you’re keeping yourself and your loved one’s safe during this pandemic – why not discover some art.

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