Exhibition I Saw : Sculpture by the Sea 2018

For EXHIBITION I SAW, Art From Us and Divvya Nirula bring you Top-Hit’s of Gallery and Museum Exhibits we’ve visited. Today we journey to ‘Sculpture by the Sea 2018’ all the way in Australia!

Exhibition I Saw : Sculpture by the Sea 2018

Sculpture by the Sea 2018

Sculpture by the Sea is the world’s largest free sculpture exhibition. Held along the coast of Bondi Beach and Tamarama Beach in Australia, the event celebrates its 22nd anniversary this year from 18 October – 4 November 2018. The works featured have been created by sculptors from Australia and all over the world.

Damien Hirst’s Massive Head

Sculpture by the Sea 2018 features a sculpture by Cool Shit. The artist has made a giant head of Young British Artist Damien Hirst to display on the beach. The head has Hirst wearing snorkeling gear and emerges from the sand. The work is titled Damien Hirst Looking for Sharks (2018)

To put this bizzare sculpture into context is Hirst’s work from 1991, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living. This work, no less strange than the one by Cool Shit, features a dead shark preserved in a tank of formaldehyde. The story goes that Hirst had sourced the shark for the iconic 1991 work from the same shore where his giant inflatable head now rests.

The artist was quoted explaining to the Sydney Morning Herald :

”The Damien Hirst head is 98 per cent air. The outer membrane is a complex three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle made of hundreds of hand-painted pieces of fabric. When assembled in the correct order, you get uncle Damien.”

Exhibition I Saw : Sculpture by the Sea 2018
Cool Shit, Damien Hirst Looking For Sharks (2018)
image courtesy : www.smh.com.au


Other Artists & Works

The exhibition also features Viktor Freso’s Niemand, a white sculpture of what the artist himself describes as ‘a self-important, arrogant bastard’. Other artists include Daniel Clemmett, Nicole Monks and the late Matthew Harding.

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