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For D’s Art Takes GO SEE, Divvya Nirula brings you a viewer’s review of events from around the globe. Dance, art, theatre, music – we have it all, and more. Today, we discover National Museum New Delhi Online.

The National Museum New Delhi was a product of an exhibition held in Burlington House, London. In 1947, Indian artefacts were taken to London to be exhibited to the British public. This was done collaboratively by the Indian and British governments. The success of the exhibition prompted an India-based extension. The works were to be displayed locally, before being returned to their respective owners. Following the smashing success of the show, the National Museum was set up. The museum was inaugurated on 15 August, 1949. It has been an essential centre for art and cultural discourse in New Delhi since the time.

The museum’s administrative officer has announced closure of all exhibits until further notice. This is because of the COVID-19 crisis currently facing the world. This step is a measure to prevent the spread of the disease. It has been taken as per government orders for social-distancing.

That being said however, the museum website does have an extensive online collection. This is available for viewing from the comfort and protection of one’s home.

3 Reasons to GO SEE National Museum New Delhi Online

The online collection of the Museum is well curated by type of object as well as time period. This makes research and exploration both easy and interesting.

Browsing through the selection of artefacts gives one a good overview of Indian history and culture. It’s a good starting point for young students as well as culture-enthusiasts.

The collection provides a detailed write-up on each piece. This provides appropriate context for beginners.

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