INDIA ART FAIR 2018 : Nandan Ghiya : Image Downloading

Nandan Ghiya : Image Downloading

Nandan Ghiya is a young and contemporary artist from India. With no formal training, he has become recognised for his experimental art. A multimedia artist, he is known for using a combination of photographs, paints and other found items. Born in 1980, Nandan lives and works in Rajasthan, India.


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He paints over found photographs to create digital distortions in the form of pixels. There are  blue screens and even physically cuts and splices the portraits.

His artworks are based on his past. They showcase his relationship with an understanding of communal identity. In reaction to a heritage that he feels is getting increasingly diluted because of the digital age,  the artist speaks through his work.

‘Metamorphia’ at India Art Fair, 2018

Metamorphia captures the images in transition- the in between stages. It challenges the aesthetics of digital image and identity.  All the works are relevant to the time when imaging and social media surpass an intimate and honest connection with with one another.

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An image is a bundle of pixels lumped together and when the perfect arrangement of the pixels is  disturbed, it turns into something else.

Each image is carefully (de)constructed to reflect where we come from and where we are heading while struggling to maintain its relevance. Nandan borrows from his childhood and his world. A series of Studio Photographs, Updating, Upgrading

Ghiya’s art presents the tensions between a culturally rich country and a rapidly globalising world.

The unusual Art of Nandan Ghiya

Using interesting mixed media, such as paints frames and pictures, he creates works which speak on the digital era.  The works address the effects digital technology is having on cultures and personal identities.

Image Source : Art From Us Collective

Nandan says, “All individual or cultural value systems are defined by various physical factors. This ranges from ethnography, geography or economy. However, the advent of the digital has relocated everything on a virtual space.”

This is at the center of his ideas. At every step Nandan is deconstructing and creating.

Exhibit 320 Gallery

Showcasing contemporary art from India and the sub-continent, creating a platform for new thoughts and ideas, Exhibit 320 provides a platform for young artists. Consequently, the emphasis of the exhibition space is on art that engages in new means, both by thoughts and material. It has opened this organizational space for aesthetic explorations, and furthering visual dialogues. Exhibit 320 looks to discover and encourage contemporary and evolving talent.



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