INDIA ART FAIR 2018 : Sumakshi Singh : The Dream Weaver

Sumakshi Singh : The Dream Weaver


Sumakshi Singh weaves a world of memories. What are dreams made of? And what to dreams and memories look like? These are a few questions that many of us would have had. Sumakshi Singh enters the world to find the answers to these questions that she too had.



The Artwork of Sumakshi Singh 

Singh’s series is a collection of fragile flowers made of thread, placed in glass bottles and mounted inside glass frames. That is only the beginning. Each of the pieces takes up between two weeks to a month and half to prepare for the artist. The embroidered flowers and other beings are hovering carefully encased in their threadlike world. She finds herself responding to a real life situations and expressing herself through this unique way. Memories are not far away either. Her mother’s letters, and the pressed flowers between books become an emblem of memory. Sumakshi recalls the experience of the delicacy of the flowers. She is motivated to recreate that sensory experience and with a great deal of success.


She walks the fine line between reality, vision and execution – with perfection. These memories are nestling in tall jars of glass, frames – big and small and laid out on a table. The wispy fragments of embroidery often takes her straight eighteen hours to complete.

The Artist’s Muse

Singh says that “I start thinking I’m crazy because I never know what I’m going to do next.” Speaking of  ‘In Memory of the Gardener’, which was inspired by her mystical Swiss mentor who had come to India many decades ago. He was a spiritualist and had grown a garden that Sumakshi recalls was full of magical love ad light. As she bade him good bye, when he passed on, the idea took birth. She started the creative process quite suddenly and it grew into her own distinct style and technique.

Sumakshi effectively creates an ephemeral ambience from the word go as you enter her space. Its as though she has captured the whimsical element of vanishing moments. Arresting the idea, like a snowflake just for a little while longer.

Her other works include Vitrine 1 and Vitrine 2 as well as Glass Vitrine Bubble 1. Her series are an extension of this thought of careful preservation. The Fossil series in this respect is a logical offshoot. Hard rocks gently hold the shape of that which decays leaving an imprint behind. The stone may be hard, but it carries the memory of the leaf within.

Exhibit 320

Exhibit 320 is creating a platform for new thoughts and ideas. The emphasis of the exhibition space is on art that engages in new means, both by thoughts and material. In this respect, Singh says

“…there are people to indulge my craziness; galleries that say, ‘We don‘t know what you are doing, we understand you don’t know what you are doing, but we trust you to figure it out by the show date.’” As she is takes time to complete her projects. Further on she says “And, it is a privilege to work with people like that; I can’t think of any other field that lets a person do that.”


Sumakshi Singh has made it to almost all the top art venues in the world, including the Kochi-Muziris Biennale; Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon; and MAXXI Museum, Rome. The artist grew up in Chennai and completed her Bachelor’s degree at Maharaja Sayajirao University in Baroda.

Since then she has taught and lectured in several prestigious institutions, national and international. The Artist lives in Delhi though is busy travelling the world with her beautiful pieces, conceiving more dreamlike art.



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