INDIA ART FAIR 2019 : Serendipity Arts Festival

Serendipity Arts Festival

2019 marks the 11th edition of India Art Fair, held annually in New Delhi, India. Team Art From Us brings you updates from the fair. We discuss with you our opinions, impressions and critique.

Serendipity at India Art Fair 2019

Serendipity Arts Foundation is collaborating with the India Art Fair in New Delhi, as the first event of 2019. They are a a not-for-profit organisation working in the arts in India.

For their project and through their project, the foundation aimed at interrogating two concepts that are key preoccupations of the Foundation. Firstly the idea of ‘performance’ in the context of Serendipity Arts Festival, (the Foundation’s biggest outreach initiative) and the question of art residencies. The display aims to question the body, space, movement and concept in the field of performance and performing arts, by displaying some specific people and projects from the 2018 edition of the Festival. There were video installations on view in the section that held the reading material, shelved in a colour block pattern.

Raising the question about what really constitutes interdisciplinary in the performing arts? What is the relationship between the visual and the performative within contemporary art? What role does context and space play in these conversations? The second of these compelling questions has gained a lot of movement in the recent times.

It’s a fact that Art Residencies have become one of the pivotal points of the global network of contemporary art production and dissemination. Providing artists with unique environments that are removed from their known – comfort zones, paving the way for authentic art to bloom. However, mechanisms that govern such residencies are diverse, however, and significantly influenced by several socio-cultural and economic factors.

In the face of tightened national borders and increasing limitations imposed on movement, never has the need for cross-cultural dialogue been more pressing. Residencies enable a dialogue in the arts; to enable movement, exchange, and cosmopolitanism.

The Foundation continually grapples with key questions and is a part of a change that is yet to come. In the context of such interrogation, the Foundation booth at the India Art Fair 2019 will initiate #SerendipityConversations – an informal discussion space for people to initiate conversations and talk about these ideas and more.


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