INDIA ART FAIR 2019 : StoreSke

StoreSke at Galleryske

An orderly booth with shelves neatly lined with small products. They could very well be items at a shop, waiting for the customers to come and pick them up. But it is unlikely to find something like this at an Art Fair.

But this is the new version of ‘ready art’ that is being made available. Questioning the verbose notions around art – how to appreciate? what to collect ?  And many such questions, is the alternative solution that is being provided by GallerSKE through their module StoreSKE.

Offering 20 works of 11 established and emerging artists at “accessible prices”, ranging from rupees 100 to 5,000, StoreSKE revives its 2009 India Art Fair Project. The illustrious artists include — Sudarshan Shetty, Abhishek Hazra, Orijit Sen, Dia Mehhta Bhupal, Tara Kelton, Suchender P, Bharathesh GD, Abir Karmakar, Pakhi Sen, Rashmi Varma, Martand Khosla

It was a unique experience to touch – unhindered artworks and simply buy it off the rack. Pakhi Sen’s sketches on Doilies that were displayed on the wall were easily available for anyone who was enthused to pick and buy. So will this model of art shopping work ? Or has this option never been tried before? It remains to be see.

And where are the artists and what do they think about this – they are most enthused and according to Shazia Salam from GallerySKE, many of the artists have “made work that are an extension of their current explorations”. Like Bharathesh whose hand-painted pop sculptures are inspired by works being conceptualised for future projects, of for Pakhi Sen her doilies were collectable memorabilia.

GALLERYSKE represents an oeuvre of emerging and established contemporary artists with multifarious practices to offer a critically engaged programme. The gallery also collaborates with practitioners in the fields of film, literature and social sciences to collaborate a cross-disciplinary cultural projects.


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