INDIA ART FAIR 2018 : And It’s a Wrap for India Art Fair Countdown

And It’s a Wrap for India Art Fair Countdown

From the desk of D’s Art Takes, a personal blog of Art From Us, we bring to you the highlights from India Art Fair 2017/2018, hand-picked by Divvya Nirula.

Image Source : Art From Us Collective

India Art Fair. Sixty galleries, seven focus booths and seven platform presentations and ten institutions,  over a hundred artistes and innumerable artworks, #thisartlife it is ! And take that multiply it into two, that is a heady number. Yes, we are talking about our very real navigation through art filled walls of the India Art Fair.

It doesn’t matter which year, or how many years. It is never the same and yet there is a familiarity of meeting the greats. A certainty of knowing that one will be encountering seminal artwork, which will leave you altered in some way. We have had a tremendous time as we walked through the galleries, mingling with the new and the old.

Whether one is a collector, curator, gallerist, artist or a viewer, the experience is larger than life, always, each time. This has been our finding. One is discovering affordable art, or a new artist or one is venturing to invest in a tried and tested artwork it’s a sensory overload. We enjoyed studying installations, lights, curations and conversations with gallerists and artists.

Image Source : Art From Us Collective

What is Art ?

All this is to a question that we had asked at the beginning of the year – What is Art ?

Is it the painting/installation ? or the way the curator has handled it or the space that it has been provided, or the range that it displays depending on funding ?

Or is Art valued by the buyer who puts a value on it ?

And we found that it is but a sum total of the experience. It is the viewing, how it’s laid and who has made it to say the least and numerous other factors. Beautifully synchronised the journey of – at first, the very visual experience followed by others. The emotions take a jog when we see art crying out to be heard, and positioning humanity in a way. The issues that are projected. Are artists journalists of their times ? They are we find. Every piece of art work is born out of a mind and heart that wanted to tell a story. Mediums that they chose to work on and work with, all expressions presented on a table, at large.

The Experience

Artists are courageous people we conclude.  We are exhausted, Art Fair Fatigue is real. And it is not the walking.

The brain is working at record speed, even when one isn’t thinking one is. Art has made its mark. There it is. A complex structure in action, the good, the bad and the ugly has been absorbed, this have been heard. Phenomenal new techniques have been explored. We have viewed and participated in the play of colours, light and structure in the massive playground of the Okhla, NSIC, and we cannot wait for India Art Fair 2019.


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