INDIA ART FAIR 2018 : Artist In Focus : Dayanita Singh

Artist In Focus : Dayanita Singh

From the desk of D’s Art Takes, a personal blog of Art From Us we bring to you an insight about the artist featured, handpicked by Divvya Nirula 

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The Kochi Box Project

This unique project combines the love for all ideas vintage, all images – beautiful and all concepts innovative.

The Kochi Box is an unbound book that contains 31 images that Dayanita Singh made in Kerala,. including several that were made in various archives across the state. These 31 images are printed on card and placed in a wooden box. The box can then be hung on the wall, turning the book into an exhibition. The front window of the box serves as a frame for the image and back window works as a hanging device.

Furthermore, since the book is unbound, the pages are loose and can be shuffled and shown in any sequence. In this way, the book becomes both the work and the exhibition.

Kochi Box is the first publication of Spontaneous Books, New Delhi.

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Invited to the Kochi Biennale in 2014, the artist was inspired to take archival images of Kerala. It was important for her to do more with the images that she captured. The presentation was equally important.


Books are Love

“Meanwhile my ideas of the book object had been developing, shall we say, and Kochi Box presented the best form so far. The book, that is exhibited, and sold from the wall, until it disappears into people’s homes.” This is seen even in her work titled Museum Bhavan.

Singh plays with the concepts of book as a knowledge source as well as an object. And this becomes the base for her thought.

“Dissemination is an integral part of photography, and one i miss in my gallery life. I make you part of the process of my work, in a way that you never are with a print.”

 Dayanita’s work is well known, loved and received all over the work. She reinvets her style and her stories are many.

India Art Fair received her exhibition with the warmth that it was presented by Nature Morte in conjunction with the artist.

Nature Morte is pivotal in bringing to the fore new styles of representation with the mileu of Contemporary Art.



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