Pick of the Day : Frida Kahlo Exhibition At The V&A

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In today’s Pick of the Day, for D’s Art Takes, I Divvya Nirula present my take on – “Frida Kahlo Exhibition At The V&A”.

Who is Frida Khalo?

Frida Khalo is one of the greatest artists from Mexico. She was in an accident at the age of 18 years, which left her bed bound for the rest of her life. A special easel was arranged, which allowed her to paint, despite major restrictions in movement. She is most famous for her series of 55 surreal portraits of herself. It has been reported that she said “I paint myself because I am so often alone, because I am the subject I know best”. Despite of travelling across the world, but always held Mexico very close to her heart. Her distinct fashion sense influenced by the Mexican culture, is an inspiration for companies like   Maya Hansen, Raffaella Curiel, Dolce & Gabbana and Jean Paul Gaultier.

The Frida Khalo Museum

Frida Kahlo was born in a building called “La Casa Azul”, which later became the Frida Khalo Museum. The interiors have been preserved to a large extent, and look the same as they did in the 1950s, when Khalo lived there. It is a popular tourist attraction, allowing visitors to get a glimpse of her personal and professional life.

Frida Kahlo Exhibition : At The V&A

The V&A will exhibit around 200 artefacts which belonged to Frida Khalo. Many of these were discovered for the first time in 2004. They are being exhibited in Europe for the first time. A room in the Blue House south of Mexico City, which was locked away by her husband Diego Rivera was discovered. On display are her clothes, jewellery, cosmetics, and many photographs. Some of the other highlights of the show are red silk boots, strapped round a prosthetic leg, her surgical corsets and letters. If you are in London, we strongly urge you to visit the V&A museum.

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