Pick of the Day : The Trudeau Trump Controversy

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In today’s Pick of the Day, for D’s Art Takes, I Divvya Nirula present my take on – “The Trudeau Trump Controversy”.

WHO confusion

The World Health Organisation has issued an advisory to people regarding when and under what circumstances masks should be worn. They have stuck to their version that “If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with suspected 2019-nCoV infection.” And “Wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing.” They have held their stance for the longest time that masks are effective when used in combination with adequate hand-washing and sanitising. However, as the crises continues to escalate and the number of cases rise, the healthcare advisory has changed to “wearing of home-made and reusable masks even at home, with or without symptoms.

Face-Mask Off : The Controversy

Healthcare systems have been under severe duress for production of material and ensure that the frontline workers have sufficient supplies for their own safety and of others. To this effect Trump, characteristically took to favoured social media platform -Twitter on the 3rd of April, Thursday to attack 3M for shipping their equipment to foreign countries, indicating Latin America and Canada. Peter Navarro, Trump’s trade and manufacturing adviser, in a statement said “the White House has ‘had some issues’ with 3M and making sure that enough of what the company produces ends up in the U.S.”

In reply the 3M replied by issuing a warning regarding the Trump Administration’s request to cease exports to certain markets. The consequences of this action would not only bring up “significant humanitarian implications,” but could result in other countries to retaliate in the form of ending shipments to the U.S. 

Trump Wont Trump This one 

In a diplomatic response from the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau indicated that limiting exports of essential supplies in the middle of a global pandemic would be a “mistake” for the U.S. and that he was confident that they would continue to receive the goods as per agreements.

Moreover, Trudeau said “they would continue to engage in ‘constructive discussions’ with different levels within the Trump administration to “highlight that the U.S. will be hurting itself as much as Canada will be hurting if we see an interruption of essential goods and services that flow back and forth across the border.”  Clearly Trudeau understands that the escalating of a political controversy at this time is unwarranted and severely unnecessary. Additionally, the support shown by #M is also governed by the fact that several materials used by the Minnesota based plant are sourced from Canada as well.  

It doesn’t help President Trump’s case to limit the good will between nations at a time when the entire world is coming together to counter the grasp of the Covid-19.

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