Quote of the Day : Albert Einstein

“It would be possible to describe everything scientifically, but it would make no sense; it would be without meaning, as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure.”

Albert Einstein

The Origins of the Quote

Einstein is read and loved outside of his scientific community, prolifically followed. Decades after the death of this scientific great, people still follow his words – published, inferred, from his personal accounts and correspondences and even counting on word of mouth to understand his mind, decode his thoughts and theories. There are those who believe that there are several other aspects that he was researching on and they follow a relentless trail. But Einstein was as clear as day in his thought and expression. It was perhaps this is what is the hardest to believe sometimes, that he is saying exactly what he is saying!

Getting to Know the Man behind the Characters

Born in Ulm, Germany to a Jewish engineer father and a homemaker mother, Albert Einstein was one of two children. His theories of special and general relativity drastically changed the view of the universe forever; his ground-breaking work in particle and energy theory helped make possible quantum mechanics and, ultimately, the atomic bomb. This was perhaps his biggest regret, and he went onto become the leading voices in support of nuclear disarmament. This Nobel laureate was surprisingly simple as a human being and he always believed in the clear dissemination of thought. He always spoke without an iota of doubt and conducted himself with the enthusiasm of a child.

Einstein understood science and logic in a way that he could deconstruct it at will and put it together, no matter how many times it came apart. The proponent for life altering theories, he knew that he had to be understood as well for his theories to be accepted. There was no doubt in his mind about what he had discovered or what he believed; the real challenge was in putting it across to people. He had suffered several setbacks in his early professional life and he had developed his ability to appeal effortlessly to those whom he meant to convince. Einstein’s success doesn’t simply lie in his discoveries or the proving of them; it lay in his skillful and articulate way of making his case that ensured its acceptance and propagation thus. That is where his true brilliance lay. Though he was followed relentlessly, his correspondence intercepted – he managed to stay alive and out of trouble, living the life of an academic. He did not achieve that by sitting in his arm chair – he had mastered the gift of communicating his thought. This gives him a unique place amongst the history of scientists, many of whom were condemned and killed for far lesser and radical theories for their times. His love for physics , mathematics and music was deep for the logic and symmetry that it held. He treated his subjects with a familiarity of an old friend. Thus, his quote becomes remarkable in this aspect.

Some Final Thoughts

There is a certain aspect of this brilliant Nobel laureate that, endears him to us. It is probably that this razor sharp, unprecedented intellectual, owns a certain vulnerability. He looks avuncular, and his disposition is pleasing – calm while at the same time one cannot ever ever put aside the truth that this is the perhaps the greatest brain of the century that altered perceptions forever. His words are ever so simple, making his highly erudite and complex theories actually plausible. Einstein was simply as human as human could be. Widely curious, with an impish smile and the brightest eyes – his persona was magnetic for the sheer brilliance that he radiated without ever intimidating. In another instance, he had said, what cannot be explained simply, has not been understood. We love, as generations have loved Einstein as the symbol of reaching out for the unattainable, and for his fascination with the unknown. For all the seekers of truth and knowledge he is no less than a God.   

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